2005 TVF Steep Creeks Competition

Chris Gragtmans, Andrew Holcombe, Yonton Mehler, Chris Schell, Mefford Williams and Spencer Cooke.  Last month we competed in the Steep Creeks TVF (total vertical feet) Competition.  The idea is to drop as many vertical feet possible in one month.  The team with the most accumulated gradient wins, simple as that.  We lost badly, but here’s where we paddled during the month.

Day 1 – Green River Narrows

Today we did one run on the Green.

Chris G is gearing up at the putin

Andrew waiting in the car for the signal…

Day 2 – Wilson Creek

We accumulated four total runs on Wilson today.

Yonton shows Andrew the steps of putting on a sprayskirt

Our two Chris’s heading to the putin

The same two runnng 10 foot falls

After we got tired of Wilson Creek we resorted to trash detail

Community Service for two juvenile delinquents

Day 3 – We skipped out on paddling for some off-river training

Chris gets buff

A serious training session

Day 4 – French Broad Alexander Wave

Today our group decided to drop a total of 10 feet at the French Broad.  Clearly we are dedicated.

Yonton is born
Yonton is born

Maybe if we cartwheel in this hole it will add gradient to our total.


Yonton lands his first successful sit-flat

Mefford has a car that says Jet Boat on it. Makes sense.

Day 6 – Watauga Gorge

A long day today, we accumulated four runs down Watauga Gorge.

At the Watauga Gorge takeout with dual-Chris’s

Mefford Williams contemplates…

Yonton drops Stateline

Chris Schell styles Stateline

Chris Gratmans on Stateline Falls


Day 7 – Green River Narrows
No photos today, but we got one run in.

Day 9 – Raven Fork
We had one run down Raven Fork today.  No photos, but we have redesigned our header image.  Does graphic design get extra points in this contest?

Days 10-15 – Nothing
Aside from the fact that there is no water this March we have taken several days off the water.  We figure we are so decisively not in the lead that we may as well quit kayaking all together, haha!

Day 16 – Green River Narrows
Today we had a special, celebrity guest join our Team, Mr Caleb Coaplen.  Together with him, we took one fine run down the Green River.

The man himself

Our zany crew

Day 23 – Horsepasture River
Three of us took our first ever run down the Horsepasture River today.  Little did we know how short the run is, and even littler did we know where the takeout was.  Thanks to our friends Riley and Brad, they left a Cheezit box just above Windy Falls to keep us from running past the point of no return and plummeting to our deaths.

Our group snacktime before putting on the water.

Rainbow Falls at the putin

Chris puffs up his cheeks in deep concentration

Andrew drops into Exit Ramp B

Day 26 – Watauga Gorge
We got one last run on the Watauga today to finish our 2005 TVF gradient up.

This competition was great fun and an excellent concept by its makers at http://steepcreeks.com

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