The Eddy Feeling premieres in Athens (GA, not Greece)

This January 21st and 22nd, the Rapid Transit producers traveled to beautiful Athens, Georgia to host the opening premiere of The Eddy Feeling (see below for a synopsis). Athens is a fantastic town, and it was the right place to kick off the Southeast tour of premieres for this first DVD from Rapid Transit. The festivities began on the evening of the 21st with a boat demo at UGA’s indoor pool.

Thousand yard stare?

The thousand yard stare.

We awoke the following morning at Chez Windham (a beautiful country retreat built by Daniel and his father) and proceeded to laze around and eat breakfast casserole. About midday we headed into town and settled at a coffee shop where Daniel worked on a short video for the premiere, Spencer and Robin each whittled away at business, and I drank a gallon-and-a-half of coffee:



Robin in the zone.

Robin, in the zone.

Too much coffee . . .

Too much coffee . . .

That night we returned to the Windham house to celebrate Daniel’s birthday with his fine family. Lasagna, cake, and wine, but no spankings for Daniel–give him one the next time you see him.

Mamma Windham with lasagna.

Mamma Windham in the kitchen.

Very old cat.

A very old cat.

After dinner, it was back into Athens and the Cine Theater where a goodly crowd of Georgians joined us for the show. This was the highlight of the week, and we want to send a big shout out to the UGA Whitewater club and all the folks who came out and made it such a good evening.

Waiting for the show.

The rapt audience.

Day and night at Cine.

Day and night at Cine.

THE END. Almost. We’ve got a whole slew of premieres coming up in other cities. The short list is as follows (but check back here for updates):

February 5 Thursday 930pm – Asheville NC –
February 9 Monday 8pm – Greenville SC –
tentative – February 19 Thursday – Boone NC – location tba
tentative – February 26 Thursday – Charlotte NC – location tba
March 12 Thursday 630-830 – Washington DC –
April 4 Saturday 7pm – Greensboro NC –

Thanks for tuning in, folks,

Chris (author)

Chris Gallaway, author (please direct all complaints about the length of this post to Spencer Cooke at Thanks.)

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  • Very nice job Chris. Sounds like you all had a great place to land and put on a fine event with exceptional support from the local folks. What more could one ask for? Under the Protection.

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