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Welcome to the new I was persuaded by several friends to use WordPress as the foundation of my site since it’s so easy to manage. It really does rule. Anyway, here it is and I’m happy for it to be back up and running. I’m pretty sure I’ll be retiring the old blogger blog over at I may have to make one last post over there to redirect everyone to here but I will definitely leave all that stuff online. There have been some fun thoughts and memories that I journaled there.

5 o-week shadow.

5 o-week shadow.

This facial hair looks totally horrible and is only a result of my lack of enthusiasm for shaving. Really it just makes me look dirty, which I am I guess. I kind of thought I’d grow it out in celebration of the Mustache contest that started a couple days ago but I need to just shave this mess.


Speaking of the Mustache contest, make sure and roll over to the web site and visit the blog to see the insanity of our competitors. Over the next two months about thirty people are battling, via lip hair, to win an IR Drysuit and other very incredible prizes.

Blue Ridge Outdoors did a great article on the event and its history last month in their May issue.

Mustache King Press

Mustache King Press

check out their site

There is a new Rapid Transit video up today by my good friend and RT Producer Andy Gates. Definitely check that out right here and more to come form Mr Andy.

Last news of today is that Blue Ridge Outdoors did a nice one for us and put a one page article in their June issue about the Donkey videos and Rapid Transit. Pick up a copy or head over to

I also scanned the article so you can get a preview here:

Blue Ridge Outdoors - June 2008

Blue Ridge Outdoors - June 2008

That’s all! Happy June everyone,

Spencer Cooke, Effort Inc

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