The Smiley’s Nose Plug Story – Made in the USA

Shaman Products manufactures Smiley’s Nose Plugs, a brand I have provided to retail stores across North America since the late 90s.  At the time Eric Southwick and Tanya Shuman were making nose plugs one by one out of their truck, alongside whichever river they may have just paddled.  These were people making a product out of their true passion for the sport of paddling.  I imagine it began as a way to supplement their fuel expenses for the next kayak adventure, but it quickly accelerated into a product and brand that was unlike any other.  Every paddling shop (and every paddler subsequently) needed this product. From my perspective this is how this brand was born.

Recently I wanted to hear from Wick exactly what was going on with the manufacturing of the product.  Here’s what he had to offer:

All made in the USA. All materials sourced in the USA. The Manufacturing process is done by a Native American Family in New Mexico on the reservation in a cottage industry style. Without that job they would either have to give up their home or drive 2 to 4 hours every day. It’s my favorite kind of manufacturing. From the people for the people. Fair wages all the way around. – Wick

The most recent shipment of Smiley’s have arrived in the same, fuel-efficient, recyclable, reusable packaging as before, but with a cool new graphic on the bag. 

Any shops who carry Smiley’s, you are supporting more than just a product category.  You support mine and Wick’s small businesses in selling and distributing to your store, the Native US people who put the product together and much more.

Please contact me if you need these products.

My sincere thanks,
Spencer Cooke, Effort Inc

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