the Travelers

This was my first short film with a non-kayaking subject matter and perhaps my best work.  Grayson Pritchard and I worked on this in 2005 and first broadcast it online in March of 2006.  When I originally uploaded it to Youtube in it wasn’t playing back properly.  Recently my friend Wing informed me that it needed to be freshened up, so thanks to he and the insomnia I’m experiencing tonight the Travelers has been refreshed.

I’ll provide a short synopsis: the Travelers documents (mocuments actually) two athletes dominating a sport all of their own. Not sure if any further explanation is necessary.

I hope you somehow found a way to enjoy.  I should close by crediting the musicians in the film.

Thanks, Spencer Cooke, Effort Inc.

Music credits in chronological order:

Ester Drang
song: caledonia

Joan of Arc
“so much staying alive and lovelessness”
song: participation billy

“attaining the supreme” compilation
song: it happens
label: whirled records

“big city sin & small town redemption”
song: anytime now

the Oatmeal Conspriacy
“safe and warm”
song: safe and warm

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