This Fall

As usual, the Fall season brought lots of travel for sales repping and luckily, some surf kayaking in between stops. At home we’ve been working in the office and enjoying the neighborhood streets. Halloween was fun and now we’re bundling up for Winter.  Below is one recent video and a bit of a photo journal from the past couple months.

Anna Levesque and I went up to the Linville Gorge to scope out a spot to shoot her new Yoga for Kayakers DVD. We didn't find a spot but saw some nice sights and had a good hike. I really like the super-macro function on my camera. I think that's a blueberry leaf and I know that is Table Rock in the background.

It is plain awful, the eyesore that is Sugartop, the condominium at the top of Sugar Mt. This is a view of it from Tablerock NC. Ack!

On the complete opposite end of the state, in Buxton NC, the National Championships of Surf Kayaking was held. I took this shot of my friend Urko surfing a wave near the old Hatteras Lighthouse site.

We had great waves the entire time that ranged from waist to head high, super glassy for three days of contest. This was me during the competition in the short boat class. I only made it to semi-finals before I was eliminated. A small bummer but nothing to worry about.

The Battle For Hatteras was a separate event held before the Nationals. Teams comprised of a wave ski, short boat and a long boat competed for the Hatteras trophy. My team, Gordon Rock (wave ski), Anthony Bell (short boat) and me (long boat) won the inaugural event.

I was unable to defend my 2006 National Championship title in the long boat class. First place went to my friend Anthony Bell who is a superb surfer and great guy. I took second this time followed by John Tarbell and Charles Salters, also surf comrades and nice fellas.

My daughter enjoys catching fish with me. The blues were biting like crazy. We made ceviche with this one, delish!

It's too damn hot for penguins to be just walking around my neighborhood. But it was Halloween...

Richie Tennenbaum was my favorite costume I saw that evening. He pretty much nailed it.

Today at lunch I had a nice skate session with my friend Felipe. Here he is heading into a nice turn in my neighborhood.

Felipe's friend Madison came too.

This was me in working on the toeside turn.

Leaves swept to the sides of the road to make room for beautiful sliding turns.

Me, cranking on the toeside turn some more.

The top turn on this hill is really fun and kind of slingshots you into the bottom stretch leading up to the next turn.

Felipe cranks out a fancy heelside around this hairpin that we just did for the first time today.

That’s all for now.  Happy Fall and Winter everyone!

Spencer Cooke, Effort Inc.

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