Tuina and ASTRAL Footwear at NOC’s Founders Bridge Festival

On April 6th NOC hosted the Founders Bridge Festival. This event is held in the spirit of supporting and celebrating thru-hikers entering the Nantahala Gorge via the Appalachian Trail. I attended this year for the purpose of introducing ASTRAL Footwear to hikers as a new solution to lightweight camp shoes and a comfortable warm-weather hiking shoe.

IMG_0410_noc_founders_bridge_grayson_tuina copy

The ASTRAL Footwear Booth in front of NOC’s Outfitter Store

IMG_0427_noc_founders_bridge_brewers copy

ASTRAL Brewers on display – Any hiker who tried on a pair was entered into a drawing to win a free set of Brewers.

IMG_0432_noc_founders_bridge_grayson_tuina copy

As a courtesy to thru-hikers (with achy muscles, joints and bodies) I invited a very special friend to lend a healing touch.

IMG_0444_noc_founders_bridge_grayson_tuina copy

Grayson Pritchard is a third-year student at the Jung Tao School of Classical Chinese Medicine. He graciously donated his time to perform body work on AT hikers in support of Astral, NOC, the hikers, and to the dedication of his soon-to-be profession. – Grayson learns Tuina from the North American Tang Shou Tao.

IMG_0453_noc_founders_bridge_brewers copy

One AT hiker and his k9 partner test out a pair of Brewers

IMG_0458_noc_founders_bridge_astropad copy

An AT doggy takes advantage of ASTRAL’s Astropad while his master enjoys some body work on Grayson’s table.

IMG_0461_noc_founders_bridge_grayson_tuina copy

Grayson puts every ounce of concentration into the finest details of his work. After a full day at the NOC, Grayson worked tirelessly on a dozen sore-muscled hikers. In addition to his efforts we put over 25 hikers into a pair of ASTRAL Brewers with fantastic feedback and results.

IMG_0477_noc_founders_bridge_gray_spe copy

Grayson and I on the Founders Bridge at the end of a great day.


Thank you,
Spencer Cooke, Effort Inc.

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