Two new Rapid Transit Videos

Two new Rapid Transit videos have been posted in the past couple weeks.

1) Cooper Lambla’s second video journal installment from New Zealand. This time, the South Island.
Click to view the video at Cooper’s Rapid Transit Library
Cooper drops into a huge rapid at Nevis Bluff

2) I did indeed attend the 4th annual NAWF at Short Creek and the Locust Fork in Alabama, followed by an incredible trip down the Little River Canyon. The video event coverage is a little late but it’s here nonetheless, featuring tons of happy paddlers.
Click to view NAWF/LRC video
Here I was NAWF morning, cooking breakfast in the snow. Twas freezin’ ase cold. (photo Adam Motes)

As always you can subscribe to the Rapid Transit Video podcast via iTunes or at the Podcast page on the RT site. Enjoy and see you next time.

PS. The Magnum 80 and Thunder 76 by Riot are out now. These two new big boy creek/river boats are incredible additions to the lineup. If you’re a biggy then give a try, you likey. You float high, go fast, boof drop, punch hole. You like.


Spencer Cooke, Effort Inc.

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