Roger is the sales manager at Immersion Research, the kayak gear company I rep for.  Last Friday he was on a routine bicycle ride to work when he was hit by a Mack Truck moving 40 mph.  If you know Roger you may also know that he is sort of accident prone.  He even has a column he writes in a dealer newsletter called “Roger’s Wrecks.”  Just now I recall him telling me about a collision he had with a vehicle while bike riding last year.  I’m beginning to wonder if he has been training to take this kind of abuse.  It is true that you can learn how to take a fall.  Skateboarders do it as do athletes in a variety of sports, though I’m not sure that anyone has pulled the 4o-mile-an-hour-Mack-truck-impact fall while cycling.  Apparently it can be done.  I think Roger missed his role in the movie UNBREAKABLE, or at least as a stunt double.  See his report on the accident HERE.

Roger Loughney - Sales Manager at IR - Very tough man.

Roger Loughney - Sales Manager at IR - Very tough man.


  • Are you sure he is not trying to get noticed and an invite to MTVs new show Nitro Circus? Sounds like some of the stuff them there boys and girls get into.

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