Visit the Rapid Transit Library…

Dear bloggitizers or boatertalkitizers,

Some folks have made mention of “only three videos up on Rapid Transit.” Au contraire, mon frère! If one were to visit the Library one would find oneself finding lots of other videos for one to watch. Recently added/archived in the Library are the 2007 Mion videos. Twelve videos to be exact, all waiting there to be watchitized by your eyezizz. Peruse the site and you might find warm lovely things that make you happy. So, please visit and please please enjoy.

Soon more videos come to Rapid Transit:
Cooper Lambla New Zealand S Island
Daniel Windham BC’faganza
Effort Inc/Deadman Morocco Surf Trip
Alabama Love Fest

… and more and more and more. Takes little bit of time to edit. We trying our hardest.


Spencer Cooke, Effort, Inc, looking my smoothest.

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