Visual Merchandising at the NOC with The Mann Group

The Manns and Womanns at The Mann Group are really funn to work with, and a very smart and creative group of people.

Dan Mann and Co strategize during a floor move at NOC’s Great Outpost

This spring and summer I worked with The Mann Group on two projects, both very focused on improving the inner workings of the outdoor retailer as well as the consumer experience at the point of purchase.  Most recently we produced a video documenting the process of Visual Merchandising at the NOC’s Great Outpost in Gatlinburg TN.  The Mann Group has a proven track record of increasing retail transactions, product turns and profitability through services such as this.  I thought it was really interesting to see the transformation of a store and to hear the positive results only a few weeks later.

And just in case you missed our last production, S*@! Bad Retailers Say.

– Spencer Cooke, Effort Inc.

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