Winterize Your Astral Shoes

brewers_with_socksIf you love wearing your Astral Shoes as much as I do you’ll likely want to extend your blissful footwear obsession into the colder months.  How, you might ask, could you possibly use the Brewer as a winter shoe?  Call me crazy but I like to wear mine with socks!  This may sound preposterous but I’ve been wearing socks with shoes my whole life.  So when I first started wearing Astrals it was like a natural progression.  I figured all I needed were three simple things to make it work; feet, socks, shoes.  There’s no arguing that I’ve gone a little bit crazy with my sock and shoe combinations.  I’ve literally tried red socks, brown socks, black socks, argyles, sock sandwich, sock and grits, and practically every other flavor.  They all work quite well, allowing me to happily walk right on through the wintertime, wearing the same shoes I wore all summer.  Splendid.
(Brewers and wool socks mesh perfectly beside a wintertime campfire in the Grand Canyon.)

– Written by Spencer Cooke, Effort Inc.

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